Magick Untold

Magick Untold

Author: eruphu Uploader: eruphu
Genre: Fantasy
Language version: English
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Meet Danos. An elf. A several hundred year old elf that has a slight obsession with learning magick of various kinds. Meet Emcess. A Jasrai. As bald as they come, has a mead addiction, and can't leave Danos alone. Meet...a stranger to Shedeth. What could she she a Human? Humans are almost always in hiding..why is one here in Shedeth of all places? Emcess, Danos, and a Human newcomer somehow end up getting a bounty that quickly gets spread across Syldarim. With nothing but a barrel of Waiss, the clothes on their backs, and..a stick, the trio takes on countless bounty hunters while searching for the humans cure.


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